Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is a boring one........ZZZzzzZZZzzzz....

Super excited about going to Cali for spring break! I can't wait to see all those colleges!! Now, thinking about college kind of makes me nervous. The thought of being on my own, with out my parents, in some place I'm not familiar with, is scary! But hey, I know God will be guiding my every step :p Ballet was super fun as always! I finally, FINALLY, have the routine memorized!!!! Whoo hoo! its only been like... 2 months since I started learning it! lol So I decided I would love to be a makeup guru on youtube, but I can't really find a good reason to...besides the fact that I love make-up...hmm...I at least want to start a Vlog. One time, I even followed my self around with a camera. I even filmed myself in the college parking lot (Course, I made sure no one was watching when I did it) But my question is, who on earth would listen to my blabber about my life? hehe I know I wouldn't do that if it was someone else.....So I am still trying to come up with some interesting trait I could focus on if I did start one.......hehe thats about all....Night!

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