Thursday, May 23, 2013


It is crazy to think how I got to this moment right here right now. Sitting in my dorm room full of boxes and memories of the past year, my heart celebrates the wonderful times and weeps for the things I will miss. The amount of blessings I have received from the Lord are so many I could never express them all in one post. Thinking back to the first time I came into this room, I realized how far He has taken me. I have come from a nervous, excited, scared-out-of-my-mind first year college student to what I am now, filled to the brim with love lavished out by my Heavenly Father. I could go on for hours about all the amazing things he has done, but today I will just thank Him.

Lord, thank you for bringing me here to California.
Thank you for the opportunity to study Your Word.
Thank you for the guidance of Your Spirit which you have given us.
Thank you for change.
Thank you for new adventures.
Thank you for the memories, good and bad.
Thank you for supportive family, who always encourage me to chase after my heart for You.
Thank you Lord for my crazy, beautiful, blessings-of-friends that I am delighted to call my second family.
Thank you for kindred spirits and deep talks till late into the night.
Thank you for my love for languages, and for giving me those who share it.
Thank you for coffee, always.
Thank you for the sunshine and the rain!
Thank you Lord for the best friends, the best roommate <3, and the best school.
But thank you most of all for saving me! The gift of grace is better than any other gift.

<3 Amanda