Monday, March 14, 2011

Yeah God!! :)

Whoo hoo!!! All done with fundraising for this week! God surely blessed our efforts this week! Thanks to all my friends who helped with raising money! We did good you guys! The best news is that we might be able to directly send the money to people in Japan! yeah! What a God thing! The 36 hours with no sleep and massive headache I had this morning were so worth it....I really want to try to do another fundraiser here soon....but right now, its time to rest :) All you guys should think of ways you can help Japan too! Even if its just praying, it will go a long way! try it out, God will defiantly help you! (Hehe there are SO many exclamation points in this post!<--) ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is a boring one........ZZZzzzZZZzzzz....

Super excited about going to Cali for spring break! I can't wait to see all those colleges!! Now, thinking about college kind of makes me nervous. The thought of being on my own, with out my parents, in some place I'm not familiar with, is scary! But hey, I know God will be guiding my every step :p Ballet was super fun as always! I finally, FINALLY, have the routine memorized!!!! Whoo hoo! its only been like... 2 months since I started learning it! lol So I decided I would love to be a makeup guru on youtube, but I can't really find a good reason to...besides the fact that I love make-up...hmm...I at least want to start a Vlog. One time, I even followed my self around with a camera. I even filmed myself in the college parking lot (Course, I made sure no one was watching when I did it) But my question is, who on earth would listen to my blabber about my life? hehe I know I wouldn't do that if it was someone else.....So I am still trying to come up with some interesting trait I could focus on if I did start one.......hehe thats about all....Night!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whoo hoo Coffey!!

Just saw Coffey Anderson ya'll! hehe He was awesome!! If you guys haven't heard any of his stuff, you missing out! Look him up on youtube!! One of these days I'll be onstage too for something....probably NOT singing...but never know! I'm realizing more and more each day how much I love my God! He does AMAZING things! So tomorrow I'm gonna get out there and serve him!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can't think of a title for this one...Hmm....Midterms? Ballet? heck, "My day today!" ha! that can be its title!

Had a very good day today! Whoo hoo!! Midterms are over!!! And to make it even better, My ballet teacher is starting up a "invitation only" ballet class next year, and I am GOING to make it in! I mean, no doubts about it!!! It just means I need to work my but off for the next few months until the next dancing season starts! I love ballet, and I wish I would of gotten a start sooner, but oh well, I'm doing it now!! God really provided for me a way to get my workout in, and have fun!!! So anyways, my midterm test was something of a learning experience.. I leave ballet in a huge rush, half walking-half dashing to my car, which just happened to be parked ALL the way down the street, hoping that I could get to class on time. I hop into my car and speed (Well....not actually :p) all the way to the college, managing to collapse into my spot right before my teacher came in. As she tells us about our assignments, and shows us which essay in our book we will be summarizing, I think to myself like a "oh so adult-like" college student, "Oh! I should turn my phone off so that I can focus on this test!" So off goes my phone and on goes the brain. I'm almost halfway through what I think is a pretty good summary, when I start to notice that one by one, all my other classmates start to finish and leave. Now, because of my competitive nature, I instantly think, "Well my paper is going to be SO much better! I'm working twice as hard on it, thats the only reason I'm still sitting here!" Pretty sure that was not the case, but finally, when there was only four of us left, I finished. It was forty-five minutes after the normal time I get out of class, but I was DONE! I call my mom to let her know I was done, little knowing that my family had been trying to reach me, worried that I had died, or something worse those 45 minutes. So even though I was attempting to be a "smart" student and not have my phone on, I still ended worrying my family in the process. What am I getting at? My purpose of the day of course! (You know, these are more things I've learned throughout the day, but Let my parents know when I'm going to be home late! hehe And I guess my actual "purpose" Is trusting God to give me strength for the things that scare me, such as midterm tests ;) So that about sums up my thoughts for the night!
Love yah all!
P.S. God does too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yo! Pay attention!!

I really need to start paying more attention to things. Like when I'm driving, or when I'm doing school work, and especially during class, so I know when my assignments are due. Only one of the papers I was freaking out about was due today. So I spent my whole weekend worrying out about useless things. Haha Of course it all could have been avoided if I would of just listened when my teacher was talking about when are stuff was due....I seem to have a problem with that, Not paying much attention I mean. But I just cant help the fact that it is so much more fun to go off into dream world where I'm already a world renowned translator, a world traveler who knows like 32 different languages, a mom, and a pretty dang good artist. Of course, my teachers up at the college are not like my mom, I can't just call them over and ask for help if i forgot to pay attention when they were teaching. Haha can you imagine that? "Yo teacher! yah sorry I totally spaced just then, I was thinking about visiting Paris, So could you like repeat everything you just said?" doesn't work like that. So as a result I'm going to have to make sure that I stop spacing so much, which brings me to my purpose for the day, PAYING ATTENTION!!  I have to make sure I don't visit lala land for a few weeks....At least until midterms are far far behind me...