Saturday, February 26, 2011

1/6th down 5/6ths to go!

I am so done with this essay thing!! Haha too bad my teachers wont like that excuse...But thankfully I did get some work done today! I really don't want to think anymore about Michelangelo, and the fact that he finished the Sistine chapel ceiling in 4 years, or the fact that he was originally a sculptor NOT a painter. And I defiantly don't want to think about the other two essays I need to work on before Tuesday....So I'm just not going to anymore tonight. Hmm.....maybe I'll go watch a drama...that's sounds like more fun :p Well guess I'm off to Korea! haha Oh yes! Purpose for the day, Trust that God will watch over my paper writing! Just have to keep believing that...Though I do feel a little like I'm stranded on some deserted island with no food.....Ooo..I'm kinda hungry...

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